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The Beer Bar entertainment in Thailand

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Beer bars in Chiang Mai.

Nightlife entertainment in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai have karaoke bars, discotheques, live music and beer bars. The popular places in Chiang Mai are the Pink Light District aka Loi Kroh Road, Charoenrat Road and Tapae Gate. Sport bars, go go bars and beer bars, find here the best places to a great night out in North Thailand. Some nice small entertain areas in this beautiful town in Northern Thailand.

Chiang Mai bar entertainment
Tuskers Irish O'Malley's
Half Moon Cottage Rasta
Cafe Souvannaphoum Number one Elephant
Warm Up Mandalay THC Rooftop
Riverside Spicy Brasserie
Peak Pool Tavern Spotlight
Club G Writers Saloon
Sax Space Bubble  
Chiang Mai bars.

You will find also beer bars at the Night Bazaar in the entertainment complex on the Chang Klan Road. Enjoy at one of the venues in this area. The Northern Parts of Thailand have some nice place to enjoy and fill your time alone or with your friends. Chiang Mai is a city of pleasures, with the Beer Bars forming one of the central attractions of the northern city.

Bar in Chiang Mai
My Home in Chiang Mai entertainment

Chiang Mai has always been known as a centre of entertainment and hundreds of tourists are drawn here from across the world to explore the bars and nightlife. Located 700 km northwest of Bangkok, the city is extremely beautiful in parts, particularly in the old part of the city. This is due to the number of temples that remain untouched - almost 300 in total, which is almost as many as you find in Bangkok itself. The city is surrounded by mountains, famed for their mysterious and magical history, and nestled inside city walls and a moat.

Tourists seeking the picturesque and exciting side of Thailand, therefore find both elements in Chang Mai. Although it sounds historically attractive, the city is also entirely modern however, and there are no shortage of Western style attractions, such as karaoke bars, discos, and live music, all with a singular Thai twist.
The great thing about Chang Mai is that many places, especially in the old city, are easy to walk to and from. Thai people do not have the money to spend on the best finance deals for cars, so if you do take transport expect it to be a little rough and ready. If you need transport there are Pedi cabs called samlor, 3-wheeled tuk-tuks and the most popular, the Songthaews. Check out the best way to approach local transport and what you can expect to pay at Wikitravel. Expats suggest, for example, that the highest fare anywhere in the city should be no more than 150-baht, so agree a sensible price before you set off.

Chiang Mai Bar Beer


Famed for its nightlife scene, you have a wide choice in Chang Mai. The busiest places for entertainment are in what has become known as the Pink Light District. This comprises areas in and around the Tapae Gate and the Loi Kroh Road. Here you'll find plenty of beer bars and places to eat. Many beer bars have pool tables and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Beer bars are competing for custom, so they tend to be very friendly and welcoming to keep their customers happy. You may be approached by hostesses in beer bars, so just be aware of this. Most beer bars will have sports TV on, or music videos. As in most Thai cities, there are go-go bars, but they are fairly low key and you can travel there in mixed company.

Try the Charoenrat Road, which is next to the eastern bank of the Ping River. Many expats live in this area, so if you feel like you need a blast of your home language - even for help and tips - you'll find yourself amongst friends here. There are plenty of bars to choose from too.
Chang Mai Entertainment Complex.

Beer Bars also proliferate in the centre of the Night Bazaar in the famous Chang Mai Entertainment Complex, on the Loi Kroh Road. This venue contains over thirty Beer Bars, some western themed. There are also Thai boxing exhibitions and 'ladyboy' cabarets. It's not exactly family entertainment, but for serious party people it offers a great deal of choice. Ladyboy shows are actually quite beautiful, and highly entertaining. Often travelers are surprised by how much they enjoy the professionalism of the performers. Prices are somewhat higher here than in the main city, but there is a huge choice of places to try.

Chiang Mai bar entertainment complex
Tried and Tested Bars.

Travelers have recommended the following bars for years, so they are worth mentioning here. Their names come up again and again, so they clearly have something good going. The THC Rooftop Bar, just outside the Tapae Gate, is a perch favored by backpackers and those on a budget. Music and a stunning view of the city. Spicy is another favourite, again outside the Tapae Gate. It's a bit dark and a little more edgy, with lots of 'hostesses' vying for business, but the music is good, with dancing and late opening hours and a crowded, happy vibe. Find it outside the moat, to the north. For something a little different, try the famous Northgate Jazz Co-op. This is for live jazz lovers and musicians who like open mic nights and impromptu jamming. It's great fun, with a mellow feel to it. Bit more civilized than your average drinking watering hole. Find it on the Sri Phoom Road, in the north of the city, inside the moat. Zoe in Yellow is a small area of bars which draw people back time and again. There's a reggae bar, plenty of live music venues all around a courtyard which is ideal for just drinking and chatting. Great atmosphere. Find it in the old city, just off the Thanon Ratchaphakhinai. P4S Pass4sure.com dumps give you worry free study in a true sense.

Top Tips for Chang Mai.

The cool season is from November to February.
The hot season is from March to June.
The wet season is from July to October.
Due to city laws most bars and clubs close at around 1a.m, or earlier occasionally. Some bar ignore the law and stay open as it's worth getting a fine.
Be aware that you may be asked to leave around 1 am however. Don't argue. It's the law. Drinking alcohol outside in the area around the Tapae Gate is forbidden. Find somewhere else to party, as there is a 1000-baht fine!

Night life bar entertainment Chiang Mai

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